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Best Winter Destinations

Broadly speaking, you can choose to travel to warm and cold locations in Europe. The warm locations include the nations near the Mediterranean sea, southern nations of the peninsula. The cold regions include the alpine regions and the nations to the north.

- - Warm Places
Southern Portugal is one of the warmest winter destinations in Europe, and has a heavenly cool cum warm climate in most of the seasons. The Algarve, which can be translated as 'the west' is a haven for people who love food, beaches, bars, casinos and a warm climate. The Algarve region has several coastal towns and cities, with Faro and the other prominent towns and cities.
The coastlines are dotted with limestone caves and scenic locations on sea-side cliffs. Rich food, sea food, local drinks and cuisine are some other attractions. 
Southern Portugal and Spain provide some very good cheap winter destinations in Europe.

Although the climate in Italy is not exactly suitable, the rich culture and history of Italy tends to attract phenomenal visitors from across the world.
Rome, Venice, Vatican, Milan and Florence are some of the many cities that remind us of the great architecture of the Renaissance and the Middle ages. 

Other warm climate locations include, Sicily, Spain and parts of the Aegean regions, are always amongst the best winter destinations in Europe. Temperate climate is also found in several central European nations such as Germany, France and Austria, which make them the perfect winter vacation destinations.

- - Cold Places
Switzerland has some of the finest winter vacation spots in Europe, as of course, it is considered to be the most beautiful region on earth. Within Switzerland, there are countless ski resorts as well as mountain lodges to visit. In winter, Switzerland mountains are also an attractive spot for ice climbers and mountaineers. If you love snow sports then this is the place for you. Further up Germany and its culture is also a fascinating locations in Bavaria and the Rhine region. In fact some people visit these regions only to have a look at some of the best castles that were built this region.

For even colder climates, Ireland and Scotland are probably the best vacation spots in Europe. The Scottish land is especially very beautiful in the winters and there several locations where you can go, including, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the best monument of the region, the Wallace monument.

A part from this, there are also conventional locations in Europe such as Paris, London, Barcelona Stockholm (Sweden), Berlin, etc, not to mention the top ten European cities. Overall, may it be a warm climate or a cold climate, European vacations offer a lot of fascinating locations and destinations, which are culturally and historically significant and have cuisines which will trouble us in our dreams after the vacation.

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