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Top 5 European destinations

When talking about Europe you all may be thinking about the typical cities you hear about... London, Paris,Rome... Moreover there are lots of other unknown places we would like to show you and there are lots to show as we have 48 countries to choose from. First of all you should decide what you want out of your vacations, then you can choose the coutry you'll visit as every coutry has a unique beauty itself.

- - Barcelona
This is the perfect mixture of European beauty together with a Mediteranean flavour. A city that is summerged under a party atmosphere that would never let you disconnect. When I visited this city in Catalonia I've tasted a magnificent mixture of Gaudi architecture together with the glamour of amazing boutiques... When queuing to enter the Sagrada Familia you can immediatelly appreciate the peculiar beauty of this city. Perfectly coordinated measures are present all over this chef d'oeuvre. Take a look...

- - London
This city is really fantastic. You have lots of different places to visit and lot of gastronomy to discover.
It's streets are really amazing and whatever you wished to do, that's the place.

- - Paris
Is the city everybody loves to love. Known as the city of love, Paris is the largest city in France and gets the highest number of tourists each year. The most visied monuments here are: the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Musée du Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe.
A part from this all known places, you can also satisfy yourself while strolling through Saint-Germain-des-Pres. This district is full of trendy restaurants and boutiques where everyone in the family can find something to do.

- - Venice
Although there are many beautiful cities in Italy, Venice takes the cake with its stunning bridges and canals all around. This Italian oasis can be explored by foot or through an authentic and romantic gondola ride. Understanding the local life in Venice and enjoying brilliant, savory meals in the company of your family and/or friends is what Italy is all about. So indulge yourself in relaxing gondola rides, walking through narrow walkways laid with breathtaking palazzos, visiting St. Mark's Square and Rialto Bridge, and a boat trip to Maruna Island (it has the world's finest glassblowers).

- - Berlin
The last stop is Berlin. This city is a wonderful example of getting over a turbulent past after the historic wall was torn down. This capital city of Germany put the wall back together, performing a wonderful job at it too. It is the most sought after tourist location for its rich political and cultural heritage, as it plays a major role in European politics and culture. The Fernsehturm, built in 1969, is the second tallest building in Europe.

I suppose y'all know about the sausages and the beer. If you are keen on this visit October fest in Germany.

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  1. We´ve been in London,Venice,Paris and Barcelona and we love them !

  2. I love the information you give about these places, I have visited Barcelona and London, and I'm thinkinh about going to Paris, your blog has really helped me!