martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Sweden, a real European beauty.

Sweden is a real European beauty and here we show you some of its best facts. Are you anxious to find out more about it...

Tourism in Sweden is in continuous growth. Not just because of its stunning natural attractions but also because of its ultra-cool fashion shows and its five-star culinary experience.

Nature is still the top attraction as Sweden mantaines its untouched wilderness summerged in its incredible mustic silence.

Thanks to its proximity to the Artic Pole, Swden lies in a zone called "Aurora oval",so solar particles collide with other gases and create colourful ribbons known as the Northern lights.

Contrasting with the incredible experiences of northern Scandinavia, its capital, Stockholm settled on 14 islands is also one of the top attractions thanks to innovative cuisine, arts, music and in accout of beinf a fashion center and an innovative design city.

And what is even more interesting and may hock you to visit this unic country is the celebration of 2013 Eurovision.

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  1. It is a very good information. I didn´t know before reading this that we could see the Aurora oval from Sweeden.

  2. It's fascinating this country and thier things. It's marvellous and very interesting to visit. The city, the capital, everything!
    And I have no words for the Aurora boreal.

  3. We would like to go to Sweden or to the artic pole and see the Aurora Borealis. It´s fascinaing.We think that your work is awesome.