martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

European beaches

Close your eyes and imagine...silver sand beneath your feet, silver moon above your head and sparkling silver water in front of you. This seems so blissful and serene; there is no one in the whole world except you and your partner.
This is the magic that beaches create in our minds and today we will discuss some of these enticing beaches of Europe.

Amazing Beaches of Europe:

Porto Kasiki Beach of Greece Some people consider it the most beatiful beach in Europe. Wonderful thin sand and gorgeoud blue sky. You may find it difficult to get as its is located in a re octe island 
Lefkada. However when you get there you can't leave.

Nice Beach of France

 It is commonly known as the Corte d' Azur in France. 
This beach offers great pleasure from the travelers who come to watch the combination of nature and people because this beach remains crowded most of the time.
It's known for its gorgeous cliffs. But be careful and wear confortable                   slippers.

Laesoe Beach of Denmark

It is an island, which is located in Kattegat Bay. It's not the perfect place for adventure butit's perfect for having fun and relaxing. his beach is considered to be a gift of God that has come up from the sea.
There isn't current overpowering so you can have nice baths.

Parnu Beach of Estonia

It's known as one of the Estonian beauties and it's also acknowledged as a healing resource so that it attracs lots of visitors.This beach has a unique feature; it is divided into two sections, one especially for women and the other for men.

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